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Clear Vinyl Protection

Application of clear vinyl surface films protect from general wear and tear and scratches, eliminating paint damage and preserving the residual value of the yacht.

External Application

High wear deck areas, cap rails, areas where fenders rub, areas where shoes or jeans might scratch the gel coat, steps, bathing platform, dinghie scuff areas, table tops and surfaces.

Internal Application

All types of interior surfaces that are vulnerable to scuffs and scratches, high gloss varnish surfaces, wooden furniture and panelling, glass table tops, stairwells, dashboards, bedside tables, wardrobes, and window sills.

The vinyl surface film can be easily removed and doesn’t leave any residue or damage to the surface beneath when removed or replaced. It is extremely tough wearing made from urethane vinyl film and has a non-slip surface that comes in particularly handing when at sea.

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