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Boat Wraps in Sydney

Marine Wrap Solutions will protect your Yacht’s hull and superstructure

About us

With over 10 years of working with and installing vinyl films on all sorts of vehicles and boats, we can say that we have come to understand the art of vinyl.

We’ve created Marine Wrap Solutions, Sydney’s custom vinyl boat wrap designers and installers. We offer color change wraps to change the color or look of your marine vessel, as well as custom graphic designs.


Boat Wrapping

Whether you are looking for a way to let your Yacht’s personality loose in a visceral visual way, or gain a business edge through branding your charter fleet, or protect a boat’s finish, our team of professional vinyl wrapping specialists can transform your boat into a masterpiece.

Marine Graphics

Whether you wish to add your own personality, brand for promotional purposes or promote a sponsor, there is perhaps no better way to give your Yacht or Boat a unique personality of it's own than by adding custom graphics.

Interior Finishing & Refurbishment

With the use of special effect and textured films such as marble, embossed-wood grain, leather, silk, chrome, carbon, and snakeskin, these can be applied as architectural finishes to a variety of surfaces! Something that paints can’t do!

Clear Vinyl Protection

Application of Clear vinyl surface films protect from general wear and tear and scratches, eliminating paint damage and preserving the residual value of the yacht.

Ceramic Coating

Protect your yacht while you enjoy it! WE offer a range of high performance ceramic coatings to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment.

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