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About us

With over 10 years of working with and installing vinyl films on all sorts of vehicles and boats, we can say that we have come to understand the art of vinyl. We’ve created Marine Wrap Solutions, Sydney’s custom vinyl boat wrap designers and installers. We offer colour change wraps to change the colour or look of your marine vessel, as well as custom graphic designs. 

We are Experienced Wrap Installers

We are dedicated to what we do best and it is installing boat wraps. Our graphic designers work to create custom graphic images and print, and we have a team of experienced installers for precise and professional boat vinyl wrap installation.

We of course only use the highest quality of materials, printers, inks and equipment. We have several large format printers that print custom vinyl graphic designs for installation on boats, cars, trucks, and such. You can choose from several Fish wrap designs as well as Modern, Sports Graphics, or customise your own graphics for your boat.

Wrapping your boat offers several advantages over the traditional paint job, as well as allowing you to get extremely creative and customise the look and feel of your boat. The options when it comes to vinyl wraps are endless. You can even customise the interior of your boat with a vinyl wrap. Vinyl can be installed to look like wood, chrome, carbon fibre, velvet, snake skin and more. Vinyl materials have come a long way and offer a great choice to update the look of a new or older boat.

Why Choose Us To Wrap Your Boat?

The vinyl wrapping industry has really become more and more popular, especially for businesses advertising on their vehicles and boats. Although there are many talented designers and installers, there are also many not as talented designers and installers. We have been working exclusively in the custom vinyl wrap industry for over 10 years. Our in house graphics design team are top-notch designers that work closely with each client to produce their vision. Our installers truly have developed secrets in the wrap trade, and it is apparent in the quality of each boat wrap job, and the time it lasts. We use the best of the best in vinyl films and materials and we own and utilise our own high-end large format printers. 

We are here to make sure your boat stands out the way you want it to. From racing stripes to lettering, logos and custom interior vinyl for your boat, let’s make it happen. 

Boat wraps protect your boat, maintain its value and allow you to customise your marine vessel for business or pleasure. All boat wraps are applied above the water line and will last anywhere from 4-7 years, depending on proper care. Talk with one of our boat wrap specialists about your project. Contact us today.