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Boat Wrapping

What are Boat Wraps

Vinyl wrap films are increasingly becoming an accepted alternative finish, coating the entire hull of the yacht/boat, providing surface protection, thereby preserving the gel coat and retaining resale value and also offering the opportunity to add unusual colours and textures not available in paint. The cost of vinyl boat wrapping, is also extremely economical with a saving of typically two thirds of the cost of traditional finishes due to the considerable reduction of labour time. Vinyl wrap protects yachts against the elements including damaging UV rays and outperforming paint.

Fishing Boat Wrapped by Vinyl Film. Work of Marine Wrap Solutions
Marine Branding. Work of Marine Wrap Solutions

Boat Wrap Applications

Whether you are looking for:

  • a way to let your yacht’s personality loose in a visceral visual way or,
  • gain a business edge through branding your charter fleet or,
  • simply rejuvenate or,
  • protect a boat’s finish,

Marine Wrap Solutions team of professional vinyl wrapping specialists can transform your boat into a masterpiece.

Selling or Buying a Boat?

Another significant advantage of vinyl boat wrapping compared with paint is that you can revert to the initial hull if you plan on selling your boat. This option is very popular with people buying new boats who want to personalise it to their taste but without impacting on the resale ability or resale value. The films we use offer protection from the UV effects of the sun which means that when you sell the boat to purchase your next one, the wrap can be removed revealing a “good as new” gel coat finish underneath.

A Boat on a Trail
A Boat on a Hoist

Yacht’s Hull and Superstructure Protection

Working with the world’s best vinyl manufacturers, the advanced technology of vinyl products selected by Marine Wrap Solutions will protect your yacht’s hull and superstructure from the elements, and help you make significant financial savings in the process. The larger the surface to be covered, the greater the potential savings over conventional methods such as paint. 

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